Cerebral Assets, LLC

An Intellectual Property Advisory

Cerebral: of or relating to the brain or the intellect

Assets:  items of value owned

Patent Strategy

Whatever entity you are associated with, a solid global patent strategy is mission critical to ensuring the best value for you and your shareholders.  Coming off of leadership roles both in industry and public non-practicing entities, the Cerebral Assets team is uniquely positioned to provide you with solid guidance on how to handle almost every issue around intellectual property:

  • How to build a portfolio to maximize valuation
  • How to launch products with a sense of confidence regarding intellectual property issues
  • The pros and cons of the IP systems of various countries around the world
  • How to engage and manage the best suited counsel for your IP issues

The intellectual property landscape is a tumultuous one with many changes, good and bad, constantly underway.  Intellectual Property is a valuable asset, and you owe it to yourself and your company to ensure that you have solid business advice for your IP strategy.